Lady C. Investigates

Are you ready for some shenanigans, 1845-style?

Meet the indomitable Cordelia, Lady Cornbrook and her eclectic retinue of staff. She’s a widow who would rather have some fun than remarry – defying the convention of the age. However not even a member of the landed gentry can be entirely immune to society’s expectations. Luckily, she has some devoted servants who can go to the places that she cannot. Her lady’s maid, Ruby, is a young woman with a certain charm. The surly coachman, Geoffrey, is always ready with a cudgel. The stable-boy, Stanley, is religious and upright and is the moral compass for them all when things threaten to go awry. There’s also the unappealing cook, Mrs Unsworth, and her divided loyalties which may yet bring disaster for them all.

I’ve striven to be accurate with my portrayal of mid 1800’s Britain. Do check out my Victorian Britain page for lists and links and references!


These are sweet and clean – by which I mean, no sex or violence and no bad language – however, these books have more light innuendo than my contemporary cozy mysteries (which is why I don’t refer to them as “cozy”). Think of those silly British farces, Carry On films, Frankie Howard … and you’ll get the idea.

An Unmourned Man (Jan 2016) is available on all online bookstores. Click here to go to your preferred vendor.

Riots And Revelations (April 2016) is available on all online bookstores. Click here to go to your preferred vendor.

In The House of Secrets and Lies (October 2016) is available everywhere. Click here to go to your preferred vendor.

Daughters of Disguise (December 2016) is available on all online bookstores. Click here to go to your preferred vendor.

The Continental Gentleman (May 2017) is available on Amazon only until August. Click here to go to Amazon.