An Unmourned Man


UnmournedManNEWCordelia, Lady Cornbrook has lost her husband, her home and she’s about to lose her patience.

She should have been enjoying a relaxing stay with Hugo Hawke at his country manor. But Hawke is a cad who is mostly interested in drinking, gambling and – well, all the other things you’d expect a moustachioed Victorian gentleman to pursue.

Then a young man is found dead and it unlocks a series of events that expose the darker side of quiet rural life. There’s callisthenics, a surly coachman, a doctor with a suspicious past, laudanum and society balls.

Cordelia has two reasons to find the killer, and only one of those reasons is “justice.”

Because if she can’t unmask the murderer, her very future is at stake…

This novel contains innuendo but no graphic scenes and may be considered “clean” and suitable for all readers.

It’s book one but can be read as a standalone. I don’t do cliffhangers!

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