Daughters Of Disguise

DaughtersOfDisguiseWhen love and murder are different sides of the same coin…

Cordelia, Lady Cornbrook has embarked on that most Victorian of pastimes; a holiday by the sea. Surrounded by her motley entourage, she rambles around a Welsh castle, potters up and down the promenade, and very quickly finds herself embroiled in another murder.

Yet is it a murder? The town council is controlled by a small group of men and they do not want bad publicity. It’s all blamed on a bad prawn sandwich.

Two women were targets and only one has died. The killer is still on the loose, and it’s a race against time to stop them before they strike again.

But Wales is a different country, with its own language, its own traditions, and its own history of justice. Cordelia has joined forces with the local constable, and together they are up against not only the murderer, but the local council … and even the local people.

She can usually rely on the support of her servants but Ruby has plans of her own. As they close in on the killer, will her maid’s secrets bring tragedy to them all?

This novel contains innuendo but no graphic scenes and may be considered “clean” and suitable for all readers. It’s a light and frothy read that keeps to the “fun” side of history.

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