In The House of Secrets and Lies

HouseOfSecretsDiscovering the killer is the easy part … but can Cordelia bring them to justice?

Politicians tend to have more enemies than friends, so when one of Sir Robert Peel’s more radical Tories is poisoned, the list of suspects is long.

Those suspects have money and power. It keeps them out of jail. But someone must pay the price and it’s the daughter of Cordelia’s butler who is arrested and charged.

Cordelia vows to stop this miscarriage of justice. But she is too rich to go into the lowest parts of Victorian London, too female to go into the clubs and coffee houses, and too scandalous to go to the parties and balls. She has to rely on help, and not just from her unconventional household staff.

Because Hugo Hawke has rolled back into her life. He’s a cad, he’s a bounder, and he’s still angry about how she beat him in a wager.

Can she bring the killer to justice before Hugo wrecks her chances – and before an innocent young girl hangs for it?

This novel contains innuendo but no graphic scenes and may be considered “clean” and suitable for all readers. It’s a light and frothy read that keeps to the “fun” side of history.

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