Riots and Revelations

RiotsAndRevelationsCordelia, Lady Cornbrook is a Victorian widow with no intention of playing society’s games any longer. She wilfully refuses to remarry, and speaks to her maid like she’s an actual human being. The horror!

Trouble stalks a rebel like that, and trouble follows Cordelia to the wild moors of North Yorkshire. A girl is found dead. And not one, but two handsome strangers are raising suspicions. Cordelia’s investigations set her in opposition to the local worthies and her own family.

There’s a dashing cavalry officer and a passionate rabble-rousing Chartist, trouble at the Mill, wayward servants, night-time escapades with weaponry, and a large pig.

Can Cordelia really find the killer when she can barely control her own staff?

This novel contains innuendo but no graphic scenes and may be considered “clean” and suitable for all readers.

Brooding, plotting, keeping secrets and the odd spot of murder: these things are pretty much compulsory on the stereotypical dark winter moorland of northern England in the Victorian era.
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It’s book two but it’s a standalone with no cliffhanger.