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  1. I really enjoyed reading your novel. You’re heroine is fiesty and fearless. She possesses all the best qualities of a modern woman with the added delight of seeing her execute these traits in the Victorian era.

    Thank you for a most enjoyable read!

    1. Thank you so much! It’s a really difficult balance to portray a feisty woman of a past era where most women were far more stifled … and I know Cordelia is not “usual” but there are precedents for her behaviour. I am so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I absolutely adore your Lady C investigates. I’ve just completed the Continental Gentleman and look forward to future Lady C mysteries.

    1. Thank you! I am not sure if there will be more Lady C but I am currently in the completion stages of a brand new Victorian mystery which will be coming very soon.

  3. I’m thoroughly enjoying your stories. I’ve just finished ‘The Imp’, and I must admit to suspending my reading, from time to time, to go and do some research on Lincoln and the Cathedral. I’d take a crack at Queen Anne’s well, too. Well…I think I would. Fascinating stuff! Thanks for weaving the local legends, superstitions, flora and fauna into your work. Oh, and is the legend of the Lass a long told local tale? Thanks again for spinning these fun, touching, introspective tales. I’m looking forward to the next.

    1. Hello! I am so pleased. Reading your comment has made my day (and my day has only just started). I have begun work on the next in the series, so do look out for that this summer.
      The tale of the Lass is not very well-known beyond the area around the small village of Metheringham. I had a friend who did a little voluntary work at the old airfield museum there but even the fact that there’s a museum there is pretty unknown! I think that’s why I mentioned it, really – I want people to get out and explore beyond the usual tourist trail.
      Here’s the airfield visitor centre:

  4. I’ve just finished book 4 of the Lady C series, and have really enjoyed each book! You bring your charActers to life, and have them not only solving murders, but also each person is growing and as a whole, they are becoming a cohesive family of their own making. I am looking forward to their next great adventure! Thanks for the many hours of reading fun :)

    1. That is so kind of you! Thank you. I am working on book 5 at the moment and it’s great fun for me, too, to be back in their world once more.

      1. I just finished book 5 (Lady C) and eagerly await book 6. I really like the characters and look forward to reading more about them.

        More, please!

        1. Thank you! I have a new series – also historical mysteries – coming out later in 2017. I don’t have any immediate plans for more of Lady C right now, but I hope to write more adventures for her next year.

  5. Got the Lincoln Imp as well – my dad’s family come from Lincoln so I know where the Imp is!! Look forward to more of your stories, they are a good fun read!

  6. Just finished book one and loved it so much I will now download the other 5 to my Kindle so I have them all to hand whenever I need to start another! Just love Kali and want a doggie just like her!

    1. Aww thank you! That’s so nice to hear. I wouldn’t recommend a dog exactly like Kali (the behavioural issues of a reactive dog are exhausting) but I think I know what you mean :)

  7. Just finished book 1 of original series. No blood details, no gore, no autopsy etc just a brilliant gentle who dun it with as much appeal emanating from place and characters as the story itself. Hope you write 100 before you stop.

  8. Just finished Book #1 … found this gem in a collection of 10 mysteries.
    Bought #2 immediately after finishing #1.
    Love Kali! What a smart dog!
    You have done great work proofing and editing. Not much of a priority with many writers.
    Will read them all. Hope more are to come.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s good to hear that the collections I participate in are a useful way of getting “out there.” As for proofing and editing, it’s hard but worth it … though I still mix up discrete and discreet :-)
      There are six in the main series, and one more (The Case of the Lincoln Imp) in the spin-off series which still has the main characters including Kali. More will come in 2017.

  9. I have read all 6 of your lovely books and so enjoyed them sorry they have finished but have bought your new one out not read it yet but have great expectations after reading the others I will email when I have read that one. I feel lost not to read any more of the same. Well done well done.

    1. So glad you enjoyed them. Book 7 is sort-of book 1 in a new series. Travis has left the police and set up his own investigation bureau in Lincoln, and Penny May is his assistant! This series is called Small Town Murder Bureau and the first one, The Case of the Lincoln Imp, is here on and plus Australia, Canada and all other countries. All the usual characters reappear :)

  10. I have just finished the first book in the first series. I wish I had known about these last year. I had to keep reading until I finished the whole book. Great characters and wonderful writing. Definitely a five-star rating.

    1. Thank you! I am so pleased you enjoyed them.
      I am not sure which series you read – so here is where I’m up to:
      “Some Very English Murders” is a complete series with 6 books in total.
      “Small Town Murder Bureau” is an off-shoot of the first series, with the same characters. The first book, The Case of the Lincoln Imp, was released recently. Book two will be out later this year.
      “Lady C Investigates” is my current historical mystery series. The first two books are out, and the third will be released at the beginning of October.

  11. I enjoyed the “adventures” of Lady Cordelia very much. I look forward to the next Lady C Investigates book.

    Thank you for writing!

    Hondo, TX, USA

  12. Just finished book 6.It’s just as good as the other five. I had to read it in one go, you just can’t put it down once you have started it, it’s so well written. Can’t wait for the next book. Thanks for such a good read Issy.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! I am delighted that you enjoyed it. There is a new spin-off series – same characters, same location – coming this summer and I hope you like it as much as I am enjoying writing it.

  13. I have all the books but the Christmas one, I am reading ‘ Small Town Treason ‘ at the moment. Just one point, I thought ( Kinda ) was an American term, or am I wrong?

    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I guess we get so influenced here by US films and books that Americanisms creep into our language all the time (“I guess” is more US than British English…)

      “Kinda” is common in speech here. In a sense, it’s just a contraction of “kind of” and not specific to any one English-speaking country. But I take your point – it has an American feel to it!

      I love the evolution of language. I have friends in the West Midlands who will say “mom” instead of “mum”, and I know of English people who say or write “gotten” – as, indeed, Shakespeare did.

      I hope you continue to enjoy the books.

  14. Loved, loved loved the books! I am American with ,Obsession with the UK…loved the mystery but also the description of Lincolnshire… Thank you so very much….looking for book 7!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Ahh, book 7 – there will probably be a book 7, and more, but not immediately. I need to “refill the wells”, so to speak, and have a break writing some other mysteries. But I am sure that Penny and Kali will be back in the summer.

  15. I just found your books and I love them. Not only the story but I had no idea when I got the set that they were set in Lincolnshire. I’m from the US and every other yr I go to Grantham! I’ve visited Lincoln a few times and what fun to read about places I’ve been.
    Thanks for not only great books but the fun of recognizing places.

    1. Grantham! Wow – not far from where my parents live now. Although Upper Glenfield is fictional, it’s a blend of Corby Glen, Bourne and Sleaford :-) I have tried to describe Lincoln accurately (except for the police station of course.) Thank you for stopping by to comment! Wishing you a safe trip the next time you come this way.

  16. Hqve just read all 3 books. I am hooked as my son lives on the Lincolnshire wolds and we regularly spend time in Louth and Market Rasen . I love dogs and enjoy reading English light murder/mystery books. Looking forwRd to the next book in the series being published.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Ahh I love the wolds area of Lincolnshire. There is a fantastic little youth hostel called Woody’s Top near Louth. I stayed there once and I was the only guest; just me and the volunteer running it, an older gentleman. He showed me a black and white photo of a man in RAF uniform – his uncle, in WW2, and then showed me a small booklet which had logs of all his flights written down. All except the last one … which had no time of return. I always think of the hidden sad history of the area that nestles in amongst the quiet hills. Anyway, onto nicer things – Book Four should be released in August.

      1. Great, I can’t wait to read book 4. Each book gets better and better and now I have become quite invested in the lives of Penny, Drew, Cath, Kali and now Francine. Oh yes and the sister who just showed up at the door. I love a cozy British mystery and especially if they go on and on. Please let Penny and the gang go on and on.

        1. Thank you! I am always delighted when someone enjoys my books. Book four will be out by 14 August 2015 … I had said it would be this week but I don’t want to rush it. :-)

  17. Thank you for writing these lovely books. I just finished book 3 and am anxious to see how Kali does with 2 kiddos in the mix! (Also, I am hoping things progress between Penny and Drew).

    1. Thanks for seeking me out! I love getting feedback like this. I think Kali is coping better with a houseful of people than poor Penny, to be honest. But they have an awful lot to cope with, right now … and Drew is going to get dragged into more than he expects, too. After all, I wouldn’t want to make things too easy for them. :-) It’s a frustration for the reader, but I hope it’s an understandable one! Anyway, look out for the next book around August. :-)

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