Small Town Murder Bureau

If you enjoyed Some Very English Murders, you’ll love this new series featuring all the same characters!

There have been changes. Bill Travis is no longer a policeman. He’s going it alone, and he’s set up his own investigation bureau in the beautiful cathedral city of Lincoln. Penny May is still living in Upper Glenfield with her dog, Kali, and she is working hard on her small arts and crafts business.

Book One is out now! The Case of the Lincoln Imp is available on Amazon (and will be on all online stores from December 2016)

Three academics, two sleuths, one imp…

Historical facts and local Lincolnshire legends collide when a respected researcher into mediaeval myth is found dead.

It looks like a tragic accident but an anonymous client contacts Bill Travis’s new private detective agency. Unfortunately, his strengths lie in graphs and data and brute force, not tact and diplomacy. He needs someone with better people skills.

Someone like Penny.

But peeling back the layers of secrets is hard, and hunting for a killer is even harder when you can’t believe the evidence of your own eyes…

This is a quiet and gently-paced novel; it’s clean, sweet and suitable for all readers. Don’t expect big drama and car crashes, just a warm community and lots of cups of tea.

No cliffhanger. Small Town Murder Bureau books can be read in any order.