Small Town Christmas

Lighting up the shadows might reveal some unpleasant truths . . . 

It’s Christmas in the small British town of Upper Glenfield! This is a time of peace and love to all, right?


A local busybody is found dead. But was it their act of sabotage that went wrong, was it murder – or was it simply that Penny May was negligent in her job?

Even Penny doesn’t know if she is innocent or not.

The suspects are gathered but no one seems to have a strong motive. Suspicion and rumour cloud the community and threaten to shatter Penny’s fragile peace. She had been settling down with Drew, and making a new home for herself close to her sister and her new friends.

Events take a sinister turn and suddenly Penny is under attack, and facing the hardest decision of all.

Should she face up to her responsibilities and stay – or flee to save her life?

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