Small Town Secrets

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Where do you start investigating when every woman in the town has a reason to want the victim dead?

Penny May and her bonkers dog, Kali, are settling into the small town of Upper Glenfield, Lincolnshire, England. But secrets are festering behind the net curtains and neat front lawns. When an unpopular local man is found dead in a remote spot, it exposes rifts in more than one family.

Penny has been warned to stay out of it. She’s got enough to deal with, anyway; she’s helping the local Camera Club put together a calendar to raise money for the dogs’ home. Photographing excitable dogs is challenging, especially when most of the club members prefer to take shots of trains.

The police don’t want Penny to meddle, and Penny doesn’t want to meddle … but the residents of the town have other ideas, and soon she’s juggling far more than a reactive rescue dog and a charity calendar…


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