Small Town Suspicions

Sometimes you only see what you expect to see…

It’s July, it’s hot, and it’s chaos as usual in the small town of Upper Glenfield, Lincolnshire, England. Penny May and her excitable dog, Kali, are trying to lead a quiet life. Long country walks, arts and crafts, and meals out with her friend Drew – that’s all Penny wants.

Drew’s idea of a meal out is eating wild plants in the woods. Her arts and crafts business is hampered by the sudden arrival of her ex-colleague from London, Francine, who has apparently moved in while she awaits a sign from the universe.

And then a reclusive sculptor is found poisoned, the town’s Sculpture Trail project is threatened, and Penny can’t separate gossip from clues.

The list of suspects is surprisingly long. Just how did a man, who kept to himself for twenty years, manage to annoy so many people?

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