Small Town Treason

Sometimes it’s hard to like the ones that you love…

Julie Rose, a local dog-walker, was a saint. She was warm, generous and helped everyone around her. But when she’s found dead in a locked bathroom, darker secrets begin to creep into the light. The pleasant middle-aged woman was not all that she seemed to be.

Penny May wants nothing to do with the investigation – it’s not her business. She’s learned her lesson. And she is busy with her own pursuit of a love life.

The police quickly assemble their list of suspects. Soon she discovers one of the suspects is someone close to her, and then another comes begging for help, and Penny finds herself deeply involved … and very firmly on the wrong side of the law.

As the small British town gears up to the annual Bonfire Night celebrations, treason is on everyone’s mind. Guy Fawkes thought that the end justified the means – does Penny?

It is a question Penny has to face when she finds herself sitting alone in a police cell…

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