Small Town Trouble

This time, it’s personal…

Penny’s sister and her two teenage children have turned up, fleeing a disastrous domestic situation. But the feckless husband and father, Owen, follows and in four short weeks he manages to irritate every other person in the town. It’s no surprise when he’s found dead.

The police have banned Penny from investigating. She’s too close to the crime. And surely her priority is to her family, now. She needs to face the troubles of her past, and move on.

The small town of Upper Glenfield has other problems; a proposed housing estate has divided the community and a camp of protesters has arrived to defend some rare newts. Soon, though, business affairs have become personal affairs and national problems are reflected locally … and no one seems to care that a man was killed.

Then the police execute a raid and the results blow Penny’s world apart…

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