The Scientific Investigations of Marianne Starr

Book one – The Willing Game – out now!

willingGame_working2London, 1890: a new woman in an old world, science in an age of wonder, and a thrilling new historical mystery.

When scientific investigator Marianne Starr – rich in talent but poor in everything else – meets excitable trader George Bartholomew, she initially refuses to take his case. Her job is to publicly unmask fake mediums, not to unravel his strange story of fake fathers.

But now, with George lying dead in squalor and a man in a blue top hat shadowing her every move, she must take the case. She can’t rely on her own scientific training. She needs the help of her socialite cousin Phoebe, her paranoid stage magician friend Simeon, and even her father – when he’s lucid.

She isn’t doing it for the money, or even her good name. Because if she can’t discover the dangerous secrets behind the Bartholomew family before the pistol-waving Prussians catch up with her, she’ll pay with her life – and everyone she loves will be next.

Light, fun and intriguing, THE WILLING GAME is the start of a thrilling new historical mystery series from the author of the popular Lady C. Investigates series.