Issy Brooke / Autumn Barlow

Issy Brooke: Victorian and Edwardian Cosy Mysteries

Autumn Barlow: Traditional Golden Age Mysteries

I write full-time under the two names above. Please click around the website and find out more about my books!

I also travel around the UK in a little van. With internet access pretty much everywhere, and no real ties in my life, I realised that I could finally fulfil my life-long dream of travel. I bought a van and with the help of my dad, converted it into a comfortable living space and set out in December 2020. Obviously, there have been some hiccups – a global pandemic being the biggest one! – but I’ve been on the road for the past six months (and counting) and I’m loving every minute.

I document my day to day life on my facebook page here: People always ask me about my routines, the places that I go, what I do and how I live, so I have brought it all together in one place. I post up photos of the interesting places that I visit, some of which inspires my new stories. I’m always happy to chat and engage online.

I tend to stop on small campsites for a week at a time. I don’t really do the “wild camping/free parking” thing because I find it hard to concentrate on work if I am constantly seeking out places to park. Plus, I like the fact that I have access to water and toilet-emptying facilities on a campsite. There’s a little more security on a site, and I like to have a base to explore the surrounding area.

I am fully off-grid, with a 345W solar panel powering my laptop and associated gadgets. I have a tiny little shower and toilet room (it’s not luxury and I do miss soaking in a bath). I heat the van with a diesel heater which blows hot air, and I cook on propane. I’ve got a decent three-burner hob because I like cooking and it would be depressing to squat over a little camping stove every night.

So come and join my travels on my facebook page!