As Autumn Barlow, I write traditional golden age mysteries. There are three books in “The Golden Twenties Mysteries” series, following the adventures of a young policewoman called Lily Smith in London in the 1930s. I was lucky enough to spend a day in the archives of the Police History Museum and was able to read first-hand accounts written by early pioneer policewomen, which informed the characters and stories of the Lily Smith books. Check them out on Amazon here.

My current series is set in the 1920s and features a mother-and-daughter team, Delaney and Daughter. Book one, The Key in the Vase, takes us to the Cotswolds where widowed single mum Polly is trying to make the best of things. Then a man is found dead; and her mother turns up. Polly and her mother have not spoken for years. Dora, her mother, was once one half of a famous detective duo, and she has all the skills and knowledge to conduct an investigation – but she also has dark secrets from her own past. Still, without giving any spoilers, Dora and Polly manage to put aside their differences and work together with humour and good grace … most of the time. Find them on Amazon here.

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I write under two names. This part of my website is devoted to my traditional twentieth-century mysteries. If you are looking for my Victorian and Edwardian mysteries, those are written as Issy Brooke and you can find out more here.

I originally trained as an illustrator. I mostly draw for pleasure these days but I undertake commissions from time to time, and you can find out about that here.

Since December 2020 I have been travelling around the UK in a self-converted van. I spend the mornings writing, and the afternoons exploring. If you are interested in discovering the hidden villages and histories of Britain, I invite you to join me on my Facebook page here. I post daily updates and photos and I encourage comments, feedback and interaction. You are all most welcome!

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