Lady C Investigates

The Continental Gentleman

TheContinentalGentlemanCordelia, Lady Cornbrook confronts her past. It’s not pleasant, but luckily she’s armed with a short, stabby sword.

It’s late summer and Cordelia is rattling around her Surrey estate, annoying the servants and causing the gardeners to hide in the bushes. Her old friend – or nemesis – Hugo Hawke turns up, and he’s closely followed by his own past. It’s good news … at first.

But Cordelia has received a note warning her that she is at risk of harm from a “continental gentleman” and it turns out that the local area is positively brimming with potential suspects.

It’s not Cordelia who is found dead in a stream, however.

The race is on to find the killer before they strike again. She’s aided by her motley retinue of servants, and severely hampered by her well-meaning friends who only wish to help her improve her social standing.

Etiquette has never been Cordelia’s strong point. But she’s still got that sword…

This novel contains innuendo but no graphic scenes and may be considered “clean” and suitable for all readers. It’s a light and frothy read that keeps to the “fun” side of history. This is book five.

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