This is my current and ongoing series. The books start in 1893 though I’m just reaching 1894 at the moment. They follow the adventures of Theodore Caxton, the Earl of Calaway and his wife Adelia. He’s a really rather excellent doctor with the world’s worst bedside manner and she’s the pre-eminent matchmaker in aristocratic British society. By the end of book one, Murder at Mondial Castle, you’ll discover just why Theodore won’t be practising medicine ever again – and how Adelia has discovered her retirement from the heady social world might not yet be over…

They have seven daughters who have all made excellent matches. Theodore and Adelia visit their extended family all over Britain and soon discover that their unique skills make them an excellent team of investigators. They don’t approach it like amateurs. Very soon, he is known as a very able “gentleman detective” though of course Adelia remains in the shadows to protect her reputation.

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1: Murder at Mondial Castle

2: The Viscount’s Deadly Game

3. A Murderous Inheritance

4. The Earl’s Mortal Enemy

5. The Lord’s Fatal Mistake