Book one – The Willing Game



When scientific investigator Marianne Starr – rich in talent but poor in everything else – meets excitable trader George Bartholomew, she initially refuses to take his case. Her job is to publicly unmask fake mediums, not to unravel his strange story of fake fathers.

But now, with George lying dead in squalor and a man in a blue top hat shadowing her every move, she must take the case. She can’t rely on her own scientific training. She needs the help of her socialite cousin Phoebe, her paranoid stage magician friend Simeon, and even her father – when he’s lucid.

She isn’t doing it for the money, or even her good name. Because if she can’t discover the dangerous secrets behind the Bartholomew family before the pistol-waving Prussians catch up with her, she’ll pay with her life – and everyone she loves will be next.

Light, fun and intriguing, THE WILLING GAME is the start of a thrilling new historical mystery series from the author of the popular Lady C. Investigates series.


Book two – The Talking Board

TalkingBoard_Oct2018London, 1890: scientific investigator Marianne Starr must discover the source of the unearthly screams that plague a gothic house at night. The suspects seem obvious though the reasons are a mystery. Nevertheless, she is quick and clever and is soon ready to expose the fraud, and pocket the money and fame.

But then someone is killed, someone else flees, and suddenly her world is turned upside down. Her father is breaking out at night on a mission of his own, and her funds are running low. The murderer knows that Marianne is coming after them, and will stop at nothing to protect their interests.

Her knowledge is not enough. She has to call on favours from some less-reputable members of London society and she runs the risk of being arrested herself.

The race is on to track down the real object of the murderer’s actions, but once again Marianne has dragged everyone else she knows and cares about into mortal danger… 

Book three – The Murdering Ghost

MurderingGhostEbookCoverThe urchins of Victorian London say that a ghost is murdering young women …

Maybe it wouldn’t matter on the chaotic and dingy streets – but these victims are respectable ladies, and when the Chief Inspector asks questions, he’s transferred out of the way.

Marianne Starr is asking questions, too. One of the victims was her friend. Asking the wrong questions puts her in the firing line and suddenly she’s on the run, hiding out in the very worst rookeries, and the only way to return to her normal life is to expose the truth behind the murdering ghost.

But the truth behind the murderer also reveals some dangerous facts about her dead friend, too, and calls into question everything she thought she knew about women, society and justice.

There is one thing more powerful than justice. And that’s money. Marianne has neither. How can she avenge her friend’s death – and with her surprising past revealed, does she even want to?